The Empire Minecraft 2012 Oylimpics Event

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  1. To celebrate the London 2012 Oylimpics i have decided to make an Oylimpic stadium and host events for members of EMC to play and compete. The stadium is going to be built on SMP2 at 3620 and hopefully be finished in the next month before the actual Oylimpics begin.

    I have been gathering many resources for the prizes bu they are;

    Diamond Medalist (1st); A stack of diamond and diamond blocks (amount pending)
    Gold Medalist (2nd;) Stack of circle stone and 32 diamond.
    Iron Medalist; (3rd) 16 diamond and stack of obsidian.

    The teams are not countries tbey are servers (e.g. SMP5) there will be a team of 24 for each servrr so we need alot of volunters. You will also have a team captain that you will need to vote for (not yourself).

    Now we need teams i need 24 players from each supporter upgrader on each tean to make it fair.Also as a bonus the team will need to design a flag for the team.

    Want to qualefy? Heres how...

    Post this on the forum

    Name; Player Name
    Server; Your playing for
    Minecraft hobby; What you like to do in minecraft.
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  2. Tehwafflez
    Parkour! kinda..
  3. Perfect 1st member of SMP1
  4. Alek09
    Parkour and spleef.
  5. TheSpyPie
  6. SMP1 getting a few members here remember only 24 aloud on each team
  7. First SMP9 nice
  8. 621op
  9. Wait so if 24 on a team so 24 people each get 1 stack of diamonds
  10. First SMP2 but we still need lots more
  11. and can i donate items
  12. Thats if they win also yeh Utopia is allowed
  13. So you actually didn't leave :O

    Yeah here is my app:
    Spleef + parkour
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  14. You can only donate prize items but yes
  15. First SMP3 sweet
  16. quick question, because you did not iron this out in the original post. Are you planning for 10 teams of 24 to be present at the same time? because hate to break it to you but that is alot of people, and definitely more than 60.
  17. Name; BobTheTomato9798
    Server; smp4
    Minecraft hobby; Parkour
  18. Not present at the same time that would cause tons of lag hopefully just a few there will be dfferentvtimes for when other playerd come onto SMP2 and try to win
  19. Great first SMP4
  20. As soon sd each team has 12 players you can vote a captain and mame s flag