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  1. I think the Empire should get a vehicle plug in so you put some coal in it and drive it. because it would be so good to see everyone's house by car and it would help the mods and admins because I can always see JustinGuy on the live map walking the streets and it would be nice to have our own drive way to park your car :) but a car is 1,000 or something from the shop :) or we could have helicopters (joke about the helicopters) and their could be a /res pset vehicle [name] true thing :) it would be a unique feature to the Empire what will make The Empires rating higher on server forums than everyone else i hope others agree with me :)

    (I'm thinking of a Jeep sort of thing open roof and 4 seater so you drive with your friends ) Because that would make people look at more houses and find out hidden but amazing shops across the Empire and have a laugh over Skype with your friends when you run out of fuel. so one of you goes home to get more coal and when you do "/home" in your car you appear next to your house (so the streets don't get full of abandoned cars and their could be something like if your car is not moving for 10 minutes it appears at you residence well has no one in it and still) and this could be an extra perk for supporters like only supporters can drive/own a car and that would make more people want to become a supporter what make JustinGuy more able to make improvements to his wonderful Empire.

    a bit long but I hope you read it :/ post what you think The Empire could try.

    Squizzel_Boy (IGN)
  2. That is a client side mod, which means every single person on the server would have to have it installed, which is not practical. That right there completely stops your idea. It was a good one though. :)
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  3. I know, but It was a thought but it was just something for people to think about and think I'm mad that's why i put it in the misc section :)
  4. Lol, ok fair enough!
  5. It would be good if we have move craft but in the first few seconds of it being up the server would crash with the amount of lag