The Empire Awesomeness Club.

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  1. This is a Club for anyone with MAX Trophy points.

    -1,000+ Posts
    -500+ Likes
    -1+ Referral
    -118 Trophy Points

    Princebee TF2 Emblem.png
  2. Site Posts:2,458Site Likes Received:1,172Trophy Points:118Also i've referred sullysxx (my friend, he was bored and so he got himself banned) and StormLoGic.
  3. B-but EVERYONE in the empire is awesome! :D
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  4. I've refered 3 people, have about 150 likes, about 500 posts and about48 trophy points, and im still awesome:p
  5. Yays! I'm in!
  6. Posts: 2,882
    Likes: 1,396
    Trophy points: 118
    Referrals: Footballian and Swingmysword369
  7. Your requirements are tautological. You have to have 500 likes, 1,000 posts and 1≤ referral to have 118 trophy points. For the record, I was the first non-Justin to reach this height.
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  8. Site Posts: 4,632
    Site Likes Received: 9,753
    +4 Referrals. One was some random kid that I don't know :confused:
    118 Trophy Points
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  9. IK, i was just covering everything :p
  10. I'm in 1704 Posts, 1181 Likes, 118 Trophy Points, Recruited a friend and my Brother - HairyEagle.