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  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to show you what the tutorial area looks like from the outside... as it was being constructed and as it is now in it's completed form (see the attached screenshots).

    After my design for the tutorial was complete, Aus and I went on a building frenzy putting the tutorial area together. I think we worked on it for something like 12 hours straight, including putting all the signs up. Then Justin went on a programming frenzy making it do what we wanted it to. I can't say exactly how much time he spent on it, but I know it was days rather than mere hours.

    It was great fun building this with Aus and refining it into a functioning tutorial with the staff team!

    2011-10-18_04.38.jpg 2011-10-18_04.38a.jpg 2011-10-18_08.08.jpg 2011-10-18_08.09.jpg 2011-10-18_08.09a.jpg
    2011-10-18_09.26.jpg 2011-10-18_09.27.jpg 2011-10-18_11.01.jpg 2011-10-18_11.01b.jpg 2011-10-19_04.33.jpg
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  2. This turned out so awesome!
  3. That is just plain old insane, but did you build it under one of your res'?
  4. It is under the new town store.
  5. Ahhh, ok then. Thanks for letting me know. :)
  6. as much as i like this idea it don't seem to be filtering much out i'm still seeing a bunch of questions that should have been answered by this

    it's to the point i don't want to be in the global channel :( (this could be just me)
  7. Yeah, I'm starting to suspect that maybe it's a bit too easy.

    There are definitely many people coming through more informed too though. :)

    Leaving the global chat channel is an option by the way (/ch leave global to just shut off that channel; or /ch off to turn off the chat entirely).
  8. Yes perhaps we need to step it up a notch :)
  9. I agree actually. At first my initial thought was to not make it TO hard, but heck, if we're looking for the best, might as well make them work a little bit for it, right?
  10. I agree with this, as my brother who had no prior knowledge of the server made it through in 3 minutes on my profile without any of my help. It is just to easy right now.
  11. Is it possible to do the tutorial even though I've already got a membership? I mainly want to visit it in awe.
  12. Yup just type /tutorial from Town.
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  13. I really like the tutorial area. When I first logged on, yesterday I think, it put me off as I was just scouting for a new server to call home and didn't want to waste time on a questionaire just to see if I liked the server but today, after failing to find a decent server, I decided to try this one again. By the time I got to the end I had already decided this was the server for me without even seeing the town just because of the info in the empire guide.

    The tutorial seems to work a charm if you ask me, it deterred me when I wasn't serious about joining the server and it sucked me in once I came back for a serious look. On top of that I know that without the tutorial area I would be asking a few questions in chat but because of the tutorial I probably wont need to ask a thing :)

    Just a suggestion, perhaps you could put a letter at the bottom of each page of the empire guide. The letters when put together are the "password" and the user has to supply the password to the chat console before the /spawn command is available to them.
  14. Not a bad suggestion at all. The one problem we have with the tutorial right now is lazy people following other people through lol
  15. I know, when I went through for the first time three people followed me :)
  16. #OperationDecoy - We send in agents that look for those who wait to follow people and purposely lead them down a wrong answer, then quickly turn around, run backwards and hide.
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  17. Harder questions would be good I did think they were good enough when I first tested it but I guess people are lazy.
  18. I agree, we may need to make some questions harder.
  19. I also like the idea of having the means of exiting the tutorial be found only in the Guide.

    Thanks for the feedback and the suggestion XArtillerymanX. :)
  20. I thinkthats a great idea!!!
    I tried it and thought it was awesome, With the server population cut down it seems that more people are actual members,and their are less people going through tutorial
    wont they follow the first person.And they are able to see u from a long way off.Secret turns, levers. areas, etc.