The EMC Title - is it a Font?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by kilmannan, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Just wondering if the EMC title is a font that's available?

  2. Negative. It's a custom logo we had created for us, so all the letters themselves are customized as well.
  3. lol... military-esque conversation.. i am almost certain i had conversation this morning with a superior that sounded just like this xD
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  4. Affirmative Maggots! Now go clean the mess hall and organize the barracks. Smooch, you're on potato peeling duty.
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  5. I hate potatoes... :(
  6. Good, then you don't have to eat any.
  7. I've only ever had to peel potatoes once, and that was in Iraq when it was my turn to help the single chef we had in the FOB we held in Basrah City. I peeled about five then asked the chef why we couldn't do 'chunky chips' with the skins on.


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  8. After that, drop and give me 30! Hurry up, my great grandmother does push ups faster than you swines and she's DEAD
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