The EMC story of Jacob.

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  1. Today I am here to tell you about my story on EMC.
    On January 15 2012 I joined the empire five minutes after I bought minecraft. My friends showed me the server and I joined as soon as I could. I claimed lot 4029 and built a dirt house with a wooden door. Then, my friends decided to put obsidian in front of my door. Greeeeeat. It was there for about two months before I got one of them to destroy it.
    The first place I visited was nursekilljoy's res and stole all the eggs from her chickens wandering around the bottom of her res. I thought I was so cool for doing this.
    About this time last year, I went with someone (Can't remember who) who took me to a small village by a forest with a giant treehouse. It was amazing. It later got griefed and I had to leave though.
    During this summer, I met some new friends and became more active on the forums. I made forum friends, and in game friends. I built a small island civilization with ninja boy, cordial pie, aussiecolt, jennypoo10, and temporarily lachlanrocks00. The island is still there and I occasionally go there when I'm bored or sick of town.
    About that time, I joined LLO. I never really built anything there, but like looking around there.
    About this time, my friend lasluin joined. I noticed her on the forums then talked to her a few times in game. She knows me for loving cake. A lot.
    This brings us to the future. I am part of wilderness outposts and still loving the empire. In all that time, I tried out a few other servers, but remained with empire throughout. I hope to stay on here for as long as I can.
    Thank you for reading.
    A list of the major people- kylerboy, dabigwolf, nkchwarren, supermangrant, jennypoo10, ninjaboy5656, pandaseatramen, clonotron, and many, many more. I will add more as I think of them!