The EMC Pokemon Trading Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by matjam360, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was I got my copy of Pokemon Sapphire. I have since then played every region of Pokemon. I also have trouble finding people to trade Pokemon with. There are many Pokemon that I would like to obtain and evolve by trading. So sine the only thread for this I have seen is old and hasn't been updated in quite a while and is technically considered dead I have started a thread for trading.
    Here is the way to request pokemon trades.
    Pokemon Trade Request Form:
    Reason for Trade: (Evolution, Pokerus, Standard, or Item)

    For Standard Trade Form
    Pokemon Wanted:
    Gender of Pokemon:
    Nature of Pokemon:
    Level of Pokemon:
    Specific Moveset:
    For Evolution Trade Form
    Pokemon Sent Over To Evolve:
    Does your Pokemon require to be traded for a specific Pokemon:

    For Pokerus Trade
    Pokemon Offer For Pokerus Pokemon:
    For Item Trade Form
    Item You Want:
    Item For Offer:

    All Friend Codes should be sent over PM. Trades should only be accepted over posting here. No hacked Pokemon EX: Spiritomb with WonderGuard or Shiny Magikarp that knows AeroBlast.
    For All Evolution Trades- If someone wants their Pokemon back after evolution you must give it back. Please be nice. No asking for unreasonable trades. Have fun!