The EMC Photography Contest

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  1. Hello, and welcome to what I hope to be the first photography contest.
    Now, this is is not a wallpaper contest, so I am not looking for those (or regular screenshots either).
    What I am looking for is well positioned Minecraft Photos, taken in good light with a good subject.
    Just like any photo you might take from day to day.

    What To Do

    Go out and about in game, find what you hope to be a winning photo, and take a photo of it :)
    Once you have the photo which you think might win, PM it to me as described below.
    While posting your entry on this thread is allowed, it will not count as entry.

    How It Will All Work

    Once I have received all the entries, I will put them all into an imgur album.
    The entries will all have random assigned numbers in the hope of avoiding favouritism
    Then, they will be opened up to voting
    At the end, we will have our winners :)

    The Prizes so Far

    1st Place - 18,000r
    2nd Place 12,000r
    3rd Place - 6,000r

    (I am of course always welcoming donations to boost these up :p)

    The Rules

    -The deadline for all entries will be 12:00 PM GMT, Thursady 1st August.
    -Only one entry with one photo per person, not account.
    -Any entries must be photos (i.e with the HUD turned off, no regular screenshots)
    -You must take the photo on EMC.
    -You are not allowed to edit the photo afterwards in any way.
    -Use of in game shaders/texturepacks is allowed to make your photo look lovely :)

    How To Enter

    Upload the photo to any respected image hosting site, such as imgur
    Please PM me your entry with the title "EMC Photo Entry"


    -Jake_bagby with 4,000r

    Voting is Now Open!

    The entries can be found here and voting here

    Please list your three favourite entries, from most to least favourite.
    Alts are allowed, but again, no voting for yourself.

    Voting closes Thursday 8th August
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  2. What does HUD mean :p
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  3. Heads Up Display :p
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  4. Donated 4,000r :) I look foward to seeing some great entries :D
  5. This means what? :p
    Pressing F1?
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  6. Noted, I will put that into the list :)
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  7. Are multiple entries allowed?
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  8. Yes, remember I am not looking for regular screenshots, but photos.
    Only one entry with one photo, so make it your best :)
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  9. What's the difference between a screenshot and photo?
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  10. Admittedly not much I guess, I'm just being oddly specific. :p
    What I am looking for is not screenshots of regular gameplay (i.e with the chat and player names visible), but "photos" where the HUD is turned off and you are specifically taking a photo of something.
    Something like this but I hope a whole lot better. :)
    I guess I didn't explain myself very well, so I apologise.
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  11. Would you accept photos like these?
  12. K thanks :p
    I've got just the thing.
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  13. Perhaps a rule where photos showing draining of souls from player's bodies might not be allowed? :p
    But, as for an actual answer, I'll get back to you on that
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  14. *bumps*
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  15. I saw in the rules that you were not allowed to edit the photo in any way but I am on a mac and when i usually play minecraft i still have the toolbar down below up so that is in the picture when it is taken. What I am asking is if I could please crop out that section. I won't make any changes to the main shot, just the border to get rid of where all my apps are shown.
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  16. Does that still show up when you take screenshots? If it does, I will allow it for that instance.
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  17. I know the perfect spot. Will be able to get some pictures tomorrow morning when I don't have to use my brother's computer. I mean, who uses linux? Can't play in browser and he'll get mad if I download. Conundrum indeed.
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  18. Got some entries in, keep 'em coming
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  19. Can we use custom shaders?
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  20. Yes.
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