The EMC Hunger Games!

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  1. I don't know if anybody thought of this before, and I know that EMC is not a PvP server, but I was thinking we could have a Hunger Games section in this server! I've played on other servers that had Hunger Games, but they aren't as good and they are very laggy and populated, but if EMC had a Hunger Games, it would be an even more amazing server! EMC is already the best server as it is, but if there was a Hunger Games, it would be even more awesome! Unlike other servers, EMC will be much more fun because you won't be just playing on an awesome server, but you would also be playing with friends you already know!

    Thanks! -Panda_Paradise :cool:
  2. The suggestion for PvP on EMC has been put forward many times.
    IF PvP was ever added to EMC it would be on it's own server.
    There is no place for PvP on the current smp servers.
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  3. I do think that there should be a PvP server, but not just for hunger games.
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  4. A good point to add there, if we ever did have PvP, it wouldn't just be Hunger Games, it would be the Empire's own special take on it, just like the smp servers are.
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  5. I think that the hunger games for emc is a great idea. I've played on another server that is laggy, that has hunger games, but it isn't good of how slow it is. EMC would be awesome with Hunger Games! I know about the pvp, but you can only pvp in the hunger games. It's a good idea! ;)
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  6. Totally, just PvP Hunger Games. There can be a whole different world for it, like the Wild/Nether! Also, there could be several maps you can join, it would be a lot of fun!
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  7. The panda in your signature is just soooo cute! Oh, and the hunger games would be awesome!
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  8. There have been events like this in the past - some, at the beginning, were shut down, and all of the other ones have never gone through.
    This suggestion has also been put forward countless times and has been denied - however if there was PvP on an EMC server it would be on its own server and be a sort of "special-take". When Aikar said he wanted ideas for it a long time ago he said it would be like a team-based survival games. Its on Aikar's 2015 things to do list.
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  9. Yeah, whether the EMC Hunger Games could be on every SMP server, or another, new server. Team-Based survival also sounds fun too.
  10. It would never be on each smp, not everyone is interested in pvp. It would also make things lag and it would not work well, if this ever were to happen it would be put on it's very own special sever, different from the smp's :)
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  11. I think that a PvP server is a good idea, but if it were to happen, i think it should be like different SMP's against each other. for example SMP 1 vs. SMP 9 and every certain amount of time, like the arena, we have a giant competition. The winning people of that server get 5K or the other peoples gear.
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  12. Totally, that idea is awesome! I am usually playing on SMP1 all the time, but one SMP server against the other is an awesome idea, and sounds really fun!
  13. Idk about this idea. First off if it was its own world then wouldn't it cause lots of lag for that server? So it should be it's own server but again there are a thousand other hunger games servers out there already. A great hunger games server is mcpvp. They have a whole section for hunger games so if thats what your looking for then go there. EMC should stay how it is now. But on the other hand you would know a bunch of the people you are playing which would be cool. But mcpvp is a good hunger games server go to there website.
  14. I know how there are a lot of Hunger Games servers out there. An EMC Hunger Games server though would be really fun, especially for the reason of playing with friends you know from EMC. It would be really fun!
  15. I don't think the point of playing with the people you know from EMC would be good enough of a reason to.
    If you wanted to do that, you would just go onto the existing PvP servers out there with them.
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  16. i think there should only be pvp on certain worlds and u can put ur stuf in the vault in case u die their pvp would be awesome at certain places tho it could help solve conflicts between some people with out them having to brake the laws of the server