The EMC Games!

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  1. Ok I am ALWAYS seeing these Hunger Games things, or similar editions but they are always on other servers. I made a giant spleef arena (I plan to add 3-5 layers) and use that as a Hunger Games Spleef Field! I thought it would be interesting to have something to fight for and if you fail, you lose something. So here is how it works: Each person has to put 300r in the pot. I'm not sure how the Hunger games plot goes because I personally haven't read the book but its an FFA tournament so more than 2 people from a server can come. Now there is a limit of 24 main entries but we have 3 games so in all 72 entries! But on the next day, there will be a FINALS tournament for 7500r + Extra Donation! Here is the Big Chart:

    To enter, come to 1576 when I'm on and tell me which game you want to enter in and give 300r to be eligible. First come, first serve, NO exceptions.

    Winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd games: 2500r
    Winner of the Finals: 9000r + 75% rupee donations and all donated items

    Q: Redwing, what are you gonna do with the extra?
    A: I cannot lie, I'm trying to get money for one of Eclipsys Awesome Architecture on SMP9 right next to spawn at 18008. Then I will start doing giveaways for free lessons at RSTech. :/

    I'm sorry, I cannot put a donor list here but the donors get mentioned at the tournament. :)
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  2. Sounds like an awesome idea!
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  3. What he said
  4. I'm going to enter now!
  5. Ok im on now! if you want to enter come with your 300r and a sign to enter!
  6. I'll enter later...
  7. No exceptions?
    what if Justin and icc wanna play.
  8. I'll be sure to try it once it's done!