The EMC Feel Good Thread

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by CadenMann, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. Heya!

    I'm kinda bored, and it's approachin 4;00 AM so I really have no intention of sleeping any time soon, so I came up with a good idea, here are the rules:

    I will start off this thread by saying a compliment, such as: your hair looks great today! Then, the person that comments next will have to compliment the person above them, no matter who they are. So, if you don't really know the persone, but you have seen them once or twice, you could say: tbh, you seem cool and I never really talk to you but we should hang out.

    I shall start it off with my compliment: You look amazing today :D

  2. your eyebrows are on fleek today
  3. Your cake looks delicious
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  4. Bump :p make someone's day :D
  5. Hope you're enjoying a nice cigar with y0ur coffee. Your drink looks like its sitting on a humidor.