The EMC community contest!

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  1. CONTEST!!!

    All you have to do is name these 3 people in the following video to win a lot of rupees and have a lot of fun!!

    The video -

    all 3 people named - 7,000r !!!!
    2 people named - 4,000r
    1 person named - 1,000r

    Prizes will change these are only to start off!

    please donate a few rupees, all donations go to the prize!

    Post entrys below, 1 entry per person, if say 1 person is guessed, include it in your entry to win the say... 2 people prize =D

    1st Person (The) = .....
    2nd Person (EMC) ICC - marknaaijer
    3rd Person (Community) Maxarias - PandasEatRamen



    GOOD LUCK!!!!
  2. The= GameKribJim
    EMC= BigDavie

    P.S I have NO clue
  3. Sorry, no correct answers
  4. The= wipple4
    Emc= wipple4
    Community= wipple 4

    (Voice changer)

    Edit: Kidding

    The= wipple 4
    EMC= ?
    Community= pandaeatramen
  5. Nope not correct, sorry D=
  6. I think it be fair if you give us the first letter in their names. These people might be randoms that noone knows

    Edit: Ew one entry per person z.z
  7. That's a bit hard since The is short, EMC takes up the most. Maxarias said Community.
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  8. The=Chickeneer
    EMC=Like_a_pig (whatever his name is)
    Note* i only saw one picture through the whole thing, is that what its suppost to do?
  9. Yes.. No correct awnsers sorry
  10. Please commit a VALID entry!
  11. Fine,

    1st= Aikar

    2nd= DaJaKoe
    3rd= Maxarias
  12. WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Yes, the third person is Max, make sure to include her in your other entrys guys! Youve won yourself a nice 1k!
  13. A person won! Prizes for the next 2 go up by 1k!
  14. 1st=bob23646

    Not sure but worth a try :)
  15. 1st=bonzd67
  16. soz, no more correct answers
  17. soz, no more correct answers
  18. Keep trying people!
  19. The - Dwight
    EMC - Chickeneer
    Community - Maxarias
  20. nope, no other correct answers, SORRY!