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  1. Hey everyone, Jabr's BACK!

    Last summer, I designed a chapel for two of our wonderful admins, Maxarias and Aikar. This summer, I finally found time to build it on EMC. It's finished (complete with the Empire's BIGGEST firworks show ever, built by the same person who designed the New Years fireworks show: ME!), and I'd like to throw a party celebrating the opening! I'll provide details down below, along with a small contest, but first, some info and pictures:

    The EMC Chapel is a non-denominational meeting and event location built on 4 reses generously donated by Mystul. It's open to any EMC player to rent out (PM me for rates), for any event which follows EMC guidelines. I'll also hold celebrations of various things there every so often. PM me if you'd like me to run an event.

    As this build was meant to be for the EMC community, the cost was absorbed mostly by me, and any donations would be very welcome. Take the lead of such community members as Faithcaster, Bunkerllama, jknrlz, and Bucky291 and help make this a great place for everyone!

    To get to the chapel, type /v 1397.

    Now, time for pictures:

    Now for info about the party. I'll get more specific in a day or two, but for now, this is what I know:

    When: July 4th, around 9 or 10 pm EST
    Where: 1397 on smp1
    What: the 4th of july party, with the empire's biggest fireworks show!
    Who: everyone!

    And the contest:

    What: Add a page to the EMC bible! Come up with an awesome/funny story that teaches the lesson of one of the commandments.
    When: now until the 4th of July
    Submission Guidelines: Post the story in this thread :)
    Prize: The winners (3) will be included in the EMC bible, and will receive 1k each (more if people donate to the contest)

    Good luck, and come stop by at 1397!

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  2. 0_0
    This makes my chapel look like crap
  3. Perhaps I might rent this one day, if I ever decide to actually go through with my idea of "The Church of Gaben"!
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  4. Sign me up for the Church of Gaben!