The Eletronic Music Thread (AKA wubs...)

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Wub wub wub!

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DUBSTEP 6 vote(s) 66.7%
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  1. This thread is for electronic music. Be it dupstep or any other, it has to be electronic xD Just post the song below and we can all enjoy :)
    Here is one of my favorites :p

    So, guys enjoy the music, and feel free to add songs :D
  2. Not all of them are electronic but are still really good songs :)
    EDIT: Stupid triple spoiler glitch. The first one has the first song, the second it empty, and the third has the rest of the songs.

  3. One of my favorite electronic artists :)

    No Dubstep thread would be complete without Cinema
  4. bumpers!
    I only bump this at night Coz' yolo bro.
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  6. Well, ive made dubstep with my blender. Skrillex aint got nothing on me!
  7. Crap, I lied. I bump this whenever! xD
  8. I love mord fustang more then I should

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