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  1. Well, I've decided to do this out of bordem. I'd like to see how well YOU guys can type the following things with your ELBOW:
    In Game Name -
    Residence Number -
    Favorite Color -
    Continent on which you Reside (Optional) -
    Feel free to suggest some things to type. I suppose I'll start us off.

    IGN - ZShadxhySha nnoln (ShadyShannon)
    Residence # - JUn ,kn losw n (unkown)
    Favorite Color - HYde.l.llosw (Yellow)
    Continent on Which you Reside - N lofgtnh AZm defrkicza (North America)

    As you can see, I'm not very good. Feel free to post your attempts at this items with ONLY your elbow. Sorry if something like this has already been posted. I'm just trying to have fun. :)
  2. ign - sqigglloeyyjeff
    res numjk 19610140
    favvf colopr erdf
    cointyinert uas

    Now typed with my hands
    IGN sqiggleyjeff
    Res number 19140
    Favorite color red
    continent north america (USA)
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  3. IGN: yankees55t18
    Reas Number: UUnkown
    Fav C0olor": Green
    Contijnenjt:: Nortj Americas

    With hands:

    IGN: yankees518
    Res Number: Unknown
    Fav Color: Green
    Continent: Noth America

    I've done this before, against friends :3
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  4. Still misspelling North America. :cool:
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  5. IGN: CreppaNingas235
    Res #: 30044
    Fav Color: Greenh
    Continent: Northy America

    I'm good at this xD
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  6. IGN:ninjaboy5656
    Fav Colour:blue
    Continent: north america

    I am quite patient so each letter was typed with extreme precision :p
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  7. IGN: nqab27
    Res #: 241`7
    Favorite Color: bl.uyer
    Continent: Noirftrghj SAm errica

    IGN: nab27
    Res #: 2417
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Continent: North America (Apparently my elbows and I don't agree on where we are :p)
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  8. IGN: missmadosom091 / MissMadison910
    Residence: 13069 Vamsh.ammd / 13069 CandyLand , no resemblance...
    Favourite colour: light blue / Light Blue
    Continent: ausztrslai / Australia
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  9. I would just smash my elbow on the key board, I dont think this is a good idea.
  10. smashing your elbow on the keyboard or trying to type with your elbow?
  11. ELBOW:
    In Game Name - terr
    Residence Number -1080
    Favorite Color - red
    Continent on which you Reside- north america

    Everything is legible! Win!
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  12. IGN- dwijkght5273 (Dwight5273)
    Home Res- 10240 (10240)
    Favorite colors- b l,ack ,.rfed/orfazn ge (black,red,orange)
    CONWIR-n orth azmedrfic saz (North America)

    Like a Boss:p
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  13. Elbow:
    Res #-2112239
    Fav color-blku8ier
    Continent-no0r5tt6yhuy baqmk,e4r5i98cfaq

    Res #-11239
    Fav color-blue
    Continent-North America

    I think I did pretty good at that.... not really:D
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  14. IGN- zxppom,nbolersxz;ythwser901p09 (zombieslayer010
    res- 11q4i89hy6t76t (11387)
    fav color- b .ler (blue)
    residential continent- nhortftyh asmerovcas) (north america)

    google chrome was deleted: 5 : times in the making of this elbow type
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  15. lets do that VERY precise this time-
    north america
  16. IGN:-p0Y672220`1` [PAT2011]
    Res: 1`32w7845rt [1385]
    Fav Color: [';p-ion [pink]
    Continent: nhmjpotr5tyjuhy bnasqwmkrefgtfrkiv cdsx [north America]
  17. ELBOW:
    ikn ytheded;/oplkivct5
    vr4edes 1330o
    ccollorf rdx
    Res 13303
    Color Red
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  18. This is what happens when you smash your elbow on the key board 10 times for 2 seconds
    yfvggtyijmhjy6ygyu bh v
    bv fgggbhhyi8bg87uyhiukjknghv
    gyygggcxo =[-ui x uhgfdxz
    k gvcbcgc xtrftgdf

    (NOTE) Had to do the final 8 on the computer D:
  19. Arm*