The Egyptian Army has overthrown Morsi

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  1. ... This is so like 12 hours ago xD
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  2. Umm, no its not. This is happening right now.
  3. Never mind you missed my reference :/
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  4. lol, legit is always breaking news :p

  5. Not really sure why this pertains to us and why we should worry about that stuff when there's stuff that needs to be taken care of in our own country? I also don't get why it's something we need to discuss on a website with a bunch of kids/teens.
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  6. It's what legit does :p As was obvious by the NK thread :p
  7. Why are you so against me talking about current events? Just because its not in America doesn't mean it doesn't matter. As for a site of "kids and teens", they teach this stuff in school, not all kids are ignorant people walking around bragging about their swag.
  8. I just see no point in bringing it up, just like the NK thread. most of the people on this site are between the ages of 9 and 20, i understand it is taught in school, I went to school, I'm just saying what's the point of the thread? There's really nothing to discuss and it doesn't affect anyone but Egypt. Is this going to help the unemploment in the US? No. Is this going to stop the wildfires? No. Is this going to feed starving children in third world countries? No. How about help the homeless people? No.
  9. Is it going to fix people dying in Egypt? Yes. Is it going to fix ties between Egypt and the rest of the world? Yes. Is it going to allow people from Egypt to join EMC? Hopefully :p
  10. Its not going to do any of those, but its freeing people from a government that they didn't like. Like I said, just because this isn't fixing the US, doesn't mean its not important.
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  12. From not viewing the television or other sites beyond emc too often, I find recent news popping up in the threads to be an excellent source of more important current events that span outside even my own country.
    These were interesting articles:)
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