The Eden Hotel ***** Luxury Hotel

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  1. The Eden Hotel
    18815, smp9, Empire Minecraft


    The Eden Hotel is located in the Empire Minecraft smp9 server.
    We aim to become the most Luxurious hotel of the server. The hotel
    is build with the concept of nature and peace.

    We offer our guests various type's of rooms,
    from cosy afforable rooms to luxurious high-end suite's.

    Current Situation
    The South tower (Fase 1 of 4) is now finished.
    The spacious lobby atrium offers you entry to the hotel's accomodations.
    We currently have 7 available rooms in this tower, 2 suite's and 5 rooms.

    Front view of the south tower


    Eden Suite


    South Tower Rooms
    Studio Room - 25r/night
    Standard Room - 50r/night
    Junior Suite - 100r/night
    Eden Suite - 165r/night

    *All prices are in rupees and per night (24hrs real world), no refunds*

    Please do not ask if I need help building the hotel.
    Help is only accepted in terms of 'donations', which are very welcome ;).

    Please come by and visit us!