The Eden Hotel ''A whole new place to stay''

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  1. The Eden Hotel *****

    Empire Minecraft
    /v 10059

    About the Hotel

    Located on the Empire Minecraft smp5 server is The Eden Hotel and Resort.

    We have cheap rooms and luxurious rooms, there also is a penthouse available. We have rooms in both of the three hotel towers. The hotel has a lounge, restaurant, SPA and pool. The hotel is build with the concept of nature and peace.
    Our aim is to give you a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

    Tower Suites

    Located in the west tower of the hotel are the 'Tower Suites'. This part of the building contains the most of the luxury rooms. The Tower Suites have a private entrance which only Tower Suite guests can enter. The rooms are larger than regular rooms and have all the aminities (furnace, craftingtable, extra storage).

    East Tower rooms

    The rooms located in the East Tower of the hotel are the regular and cheap rooms, except for 2 suites. We also have 'Comfort Rooms' available. This type of room is bigger and more comfortable than a regular room, this includes extra storage. The tower also contains the 'Skyy' lounge and 'The Spa'. On the ground floor you can find our new 'SeaFire' restaurant. It also offers access to the pool

    Emerald Suites (new)
    The 'Emerald Suite' are located in the south tower of the eden. This rooms are our most luxurious ones and all have a balcony with a view of the pool. This is the only room type that you can either buy or rent. The tower is currently in its final stage, the only thing to be build is the penthouse. The penthouse will have 4 floors including the roof and will be the biggest and most luxurious room of the hotel.

    Admirals Penthouse

    We are currently working on a penthouse. It will be 3 floors high. The penthouse is build with attention to design and detail. We expect the room to be finished on 10-14-2013

    Reservations can be made using this thread or by sending me a (private) message. We also take reservations at te the front desk. Please fill in the following for your reservation:

    Todays Date:

    Desired Room or Suite:

    Arrival Date: Day-Month-Year

    Departure Date: Day-Month-Year

    Anything special we need to know for your stay?:

    Please copy and paste these qeustions into your reaction to this thread or PM and fill them in.

    Price List

    East Tower Rooms
    Cheap Room - 25 r/night
    Regular Room - 50 r/night
    Comfort Room - 80 r/night
    East Tower Suite 100r/night
    East Tower 'Lotus Suite' 275 r/night

    Tower Suites (West Tower)
    Standard Tower Suite - 225 r/night
    Executive Suite - 250 r/night
    'Eden' Suite 350 r/night
    Tower Suite Penthouse 600 r/night

    Emerald Suites (South Tower)
    Emerald Suite 800 r/ night | 15k buy
    Admirals Penthouse 1300 r/night | 37k to buy

    All prices include all extra fee's.
    -No Refunds-

    -Note: Please dont judge a room before having seen by yourself.

    We hope to welcome you soon.

    Welcome to Eden, enjoy your stay.

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  2. Your hotel is awesome.
  3. Great hotel and great service
  4. This looks really cool, I'll come and check it out some time.
  5. Im glad you enjoyed your stay with us, we hope to welcome you back soon!
  6. Ill be more than happy to welcome you!
  7. Thank you, I appreciate that.
  8. The penthouse is currently 25% done. The room is already reserved and we can't say when it will be available again. PM for reservations for this room or other rooms.
  9. Maybe add some pricing to your list?
  10. Yeah, i wil do that.
  11. The list has been add.
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