The East Indian Trading Co.! SMP4,9117!

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  1. This is going to become the new official forum for the new shop in SMP4- The East Indian Trading Company at 9117! I, TheMeeper, am the sole owner of this shop and have stocked everything myself! I do not only sell stuff to the common public, I buy everything that I sell for reasonable prices! I am accepting doantions and the current overall leader is BailiB with 770r in donations! Look below for more information on what's going on!

    Recent News-
    5/6/2012 - The East Indian Trading Co. Opened!
    5/7/2012 - Almost every shop opened! First 1,000 rupees earned!

    Bestsellers Of Lately-
    Diamonds- B 44: 38 S
    Webs- B 16: 11 S
    Cobblestone (16x) B 16: 6 S

    Top 5 Donators -
    1st- BailiB with 770 rupees of donations!
    2nd- Drogba921 with 189 rupees of donations!
    3rd- You?
    4th- You?
    5th- You?

    Total Price Of Items Sold: 1,982 rupees!

    Plans For The Future-
    1. Hopefully Open A <SECRET FILE> above my shop with the great donations flooding in!
    2. Add A Basement Selling:
    Potion Supplies
    Enchanted Stuff
    Enchanting Supplies!
    3. Open A Chest Storage Area!
    4. Open A Casino!

    Number of Days Open- 2!

    Well thanks so far to those who have helped out so far along this route and to my friends for helping me get this long project done (F117_Nighthawk)!

    For now, come on down- lot more to buy and sell at The East Indian Trading Company!
    Stay Classy,

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