The Dye Factory

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  1. Welcome to The Dye Factory where we can supply large amounts of dye at short notice!

    all dyes on sale are 25r a stack and can go up to a maximum of 6 DC's. A DC will cost 1,350r but some large orders will have money off deals.

    Rose red dye
    Magenta dye
    Pink dye

    Flowers: you can also order certain flowers for 50r a stack please PM or post a question if you are interested.

    Delivery can be arranged at 25r a DC. Delivery cannot be made on orders under a DC

    many more coming soon... :)

    order form:

    item(s): e.g. DC of Rose red dye
    price: 1,350r
    Delivery: yes 25r
    total price: 1,375r
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