The dragon

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  1. Hey Emc sagem4tt here
    Me and cod4hoogie have been busy today building a dragon that sits upon cod4's fairytale castle
    the hole build cost about 23k and several hours to build
    If you want to see it with your own eyes its on smp8 #16003 cant miss it just to the side of /town
    now for pictures :D

    Here is the view of it from my anti gravity res #16006
    A lovely view whilst falling from brandop123's residence
    A ground shot of the dragon inc cod4hoogies castle :)
    The view from inside the dragons flames
    Side view thanks to lizzard623 for the stairs
    View from the top of the dragons head not a bad one at that shame my pc cant render more :L
    Here are the wings they are made of 20k worth of ice :eek:And here is me and cod4hoogie with our creation in the background :DThe texture pack is glimmars steampunk pack
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  2. Well Done, guys! That looks awesome :D I love the ice wings!
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  3. Thanks margaritte :)
  4. since it looks like its about to burn my res wanna make something on my res that looks like its burning?
  5. Its totally up to cod4hoogie best of asking him :)
  6. k
  7. why should i build one of my "waste of space" on your res it would put a downer on your floating cake look
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  8. "your" waste of space is its actually nice.
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