The Dragon Trading Thread!

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  1. For those of you who have dragon eggs in your sigs AND play EMC, here's where you can go to tell people you want to trade! If this Swallowtail (uncommon) hatches, I'd like to trade it for a different Uncommon, the Pillow Dragon.
  2. Ill give everything I have if someone gives me a black marrow. XD
  3. That can't happen till next Halloween, it's impossible to breed Holiday Dragons until the week of their holiday comes up. :p
  4. I can dream, can't I?
  5. Keep in mind that one of the traders has to have a Magi Dragon.
  6. how do you know if their rare?
  7. green i like that egg :p
  8. I would be glad to take a Nebula off your hands. What are you looking for if anything in particular. Tinsels? "Rares"?
  9. i would love to take a nebula for free please im just starting out
  10. Nice triple post ;)
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  11. What'll you give me for a Sunstone Dragon?
  12. I'd love some clean Nebula eggs. Not sure if I have anything you'd want, tho -- take a look: My Scroll
  13. i would like a nebula dragon
  14. I can breed BSA dragons -- some lineages are nice, some not so pretty. None are inbreeds, that I know of. Let me know if you need something and I will try to breed it for you.
  15. I just caught a CB Pillow for you. After the cool down, it's all yours if you still want it. Let me know and I'll pm you a transfer link.
  16. How do i know what the names of the eggs are and is there a list of the eggs/dragons i would really like to know.
  17. List of eggs/names