The dragon cave adoption foundation

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  1. So, if you have a DragCave account, but are bad at getting eggs, this is the place to get some hopefully rare ones. You can fill out an adoption sheet, and then I will PM you with an image that looks like the present below. I only have one magi, so presents will be giving out every two days. Each player will only be given between 1 and 3 dragons total.
    The dragon present.png
    It will be a link with a code, and you will receive a random dragon with a possibility of being rare. Please don't feel sad if you don't get a rare dragon, they ware between uncommon and rare, but I have to find them just to put in the "adoption center".
    Here is how to sign up for getting a dragon:
    Do you have a dragon cave account:
    How many RARE dragons do you have:
    How many total dragons do you have (Eggs and hatchlings do count):
    Will you be fine if you don't get a rare dragon:
    If you signed up, please expect that you won't get your dragons the day you did.
    I have one dragon so far for this, and it is rare.
  2. I hath bumped this thread!
  3. Hey i have an account but no rares i dont cae what i get please give me one :)
  4. I have about like 104 dragons from my brothers help but i stink at getting them i have no rares
  5. the account i did by my self has only 1 dragon and no where near rare