The Donut Tower

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  1. Say hello to the Donut Tower (not sure how we got that name someone said it and it stuck lmao). If you wish to check out the Tower, which was inspired by the Taiwan Circular Tower(google it) please stop by res 6003 on smp3.

    Just an FYI I believe we hit 150+ stacks of glass and about the same for black wool if any one was curious.

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  2. Very unique lot, glad to see you're done! I'll be popping over to check it out in more detail as soon as I log on.
  3. Well the outside is done still working out the bugs on the inside lmao
  4. Looks cool!
  5. Arnt you banned?^^^^
  6. Yea :(
  7. it looks cool. but it would look better with sprinkles.
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  8. Why do you still post so much in the forums?
  9. All I heard was Donut ummm :)
  10. Because i freaking love this server
  11. I love this server too and by the way people are still playing your parkour tower game! :D
  12. Well, its only gonna be around for 1 or 2 days
  13. D: You posted a nasty picture of my house xD You should have taken it with the top level completed xD
    Edit: Oh and nice donut by the way =D