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  1. Hey all,

    So a good friend of mine on here suggested that I post a thread on my fortnightly podcast I do - Domination.

    What is Domination?
    Domination is my home-grown creation, something I pride myself in doing; mainly since it's the only creative thing that I've ever done :p It's my fortnightly mix that I produce live every Saturday on Mixify and then later uploaded to iTunes and Mixcloud. Every fortnight I put together a set of the latest EDM music from the past 2 weeks - or anything that I feel would go well with it. Each set lasts for around an hour, some are less and some are longer. I will note one thing though; some sets include explicit language, I aim to keep it to a minimum but normally one song has one "bad word" in it. Each of the sets containing explicit language are marked carefully on iTunes as explicit.

    How can I listen?

    To listen live:

    To subscribe/listen on iTunes (US):

    To subscribe/listen on iTunes (GB):

    For any other countries, change the country code in the middle of the domain to your country - it should normally redirect.

    As you can probably see, I've improved a lot since I started and aim to get better as I go along. If you've got any comments, feel free to leave them!

    Sam :)

    (I'd just like to leave a quick thank you note. Thank you to highlancer54 for supporting me since I started back 2 years ago, I wouldn't of been able to do it without you!)
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  2. I have been waiting for this forever! :D

    Awesome music, especially Domination 11. =P
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  3. Thanks for the kind words, it's appreciated! :)
  4. Cool sammy!
    I'm listening Domination 9 now, LOVE IT!

    Little question,(you might said it but I overreaded it) what program are you using to make those mixes?
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  5. I use Serato DJ with my Numark Mixtrack Pro 2 :) Probably moving up to some of the Pioneer gear soon. Also, I'd start at Domination 11 if I was you, that's when they got good :p
  6. If you haven't checked this out already, I would most definitely suggest it. :) This is amazing work that is certainly worth taking a look at! :D
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  7. Thanks for the kind words! :)
  8. listening to #11 now. sounds great!
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  9. Thanks :D
  10. Bumping this up! :)