The Dirt Vault

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  1. Located on smp1, at residence #2432.
    (Type "/v 2432" or "/v SWATAHOLIC" while on smp1 to go there. To go to smp1, connect to the server "")
    I created the Dirt Vault using a lot of chests, signs, wood, and TONS of dirt.

    Go through the teleporter to the RIGHT of the Mushroom Shop. It will take you to the Dirt Vault.

    You may start from the chest above the doorway. A sign will point out the chest for you.

    I go by "dirt is free," so I will NEVER make a profit from the Dirt Vault. You can get dirt in quantities of 256 (4 stacks), and you can give me dirt in quantities of 128 (2 stacks).
    My rules, as seen on the signs in screenshot #2, will be restated as follows:
    1. Take only what you need, when you need it. Do not move my dirt from my residence to your residence so that you can distribute it instead.
    2. Don't sell our dirt. If it isn't needed, return it. My dirt was not purchased. My dirt was acquired from the mining out of ShawnZup's lot (which is gone, by the way), and I am the current owner of the dirt, and am offering it to you! Do NOT abuse this.
    3. Don't dispose of our dirt. Return it instead. Do not throw the excess dirt onto the ground, and let it de-spawn! You may keep the excess dirt that you cannot return to the Dirt Vault due to the high sell quantity.
    If you decide that you want to break one of these rules, you may find yourself unable to walk on my residence. Trust me – dirt is not worth losing access to my residence. Besides, you would have to make at least 80 trips to get the dirt!
    The hardest part of this is storing and managing the dirt. Do not make this harder for me by taking dirt from random chests, or by taking a little dirt from many chests.

    The coordinates of the entrance on smp1 are:

    The Dirt Vault is accessible from ground level, through what is called a doorway. There is no door.
    <edit>I should say that I have more dirt in the Dirt Vault than the Dirt Vault's first floor can hold – hence why there are two floors.</edit>
    PS: Filthy dirt!

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  2. Thanks for the dirt! Never know when you'll need some at an ocean outpost. :)
  3. This will be wonderful for creating masterpieces such as dirt houses or dirt pillars! :)
  4. We had a dirt biosphere at one time, for prototyping. I was the one who took it down when it was time to build the actual biospheres.

    EDIT: I wouldn't recommend such dirt masterpieces - they tend to be eyesores.
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  5. No hard feelings against those who read the poll first, and chose the last option.
  6. Bump for the dirt vault, thanks for teh dirt!
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  7. No problem :).

    EDIT: I just realized that I replied with the SAME EXACT PHRASE as I did earlier on this thread.
  8. This is actually a better idea than my old dirt recycler. Mine was just a simple chest. This... well this actually had work put into it!
  9. I put in a ton of dirt from digging out 811, more to come :p
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  10. Thank you so much!
  11. The point of the dirt shop is not for me to provide dirt. I provide the storage, and the means to trade it. I just happened to get a lot-ful of dirt.
    You are the suppliers of the dirt.
    You are the customers benefiting from the free dirt.
    You are the hard-working people who keep things running.

    How to help:
    1. When mining out large sections of your residence, bring the dirt to my residence (#2432).
    2. When dealing with massive quantities of dirt, store it in a temporary location. I recommend a spot next to the spawn point of your residence. Once full, transfer its contents to the Dirt Vault.
    3. Fill chests starting to the right of the doorway (facing the Dirt Vault's central ladder), and empty chests starting from the left of the doorway.

    Remember: stone shovels are completely renewable on EMC. You will have to obtain lava, water, and many saplings.
  12. As of today (May 10^th, 2013), I have made a few modifications to the Dirt Vault.
    First off the bat, the Dirt Vault is still under construction.
    However, I finished the central ladder, the central rules boards (these are the signs with the rules on them), and reorganized the remaining dirt.
    Speaking of dirt....
    It is IMPERATIVE that citizens of the Empire help support the Dirt Vault! If I have given away dozens of large chestfuls of dirt already, but have gained little compared to the original stock.

    If you want money for your massive stash of dirt, I will be willing to take a LOSS (assuming that your demands for money are not too unreasonable, considering that dirt is effectively, monetarily, worth nothing) so that the Dirt Vault has dirt for the citizens who need it.

    If you take massive amounts of dirt, I may or may not ask you about your plans with the dirt.

    I am not joking when I say that the most common reason that people need small (10+ stacks) amounts of dirt is for a secret project that may or may not be in the wilderness.

    Second, the Dirt Vault's transfer system has been revised.
    Dirt may be either bought or sold at 2 quantities: 576 and 64.
    576 dirt is the equivalent of 9 stacks – an entire row of a small or large chest.
    64 dirt is merely one stack of dirt.
    This has many benefits, including the ability of an individual to completely empty a large chest, and far fewer transactions.

    "First off the bat": the long version of the phrase "first off," indicating the first thing of a list. Commonly overused in 20-minute essays.
    Imperative: very important, and vital to critical functionality.
    Monetarily: of or pertaining to money.
    Stack: the maximum amount of a certain item for a single inventory slot.

    PS: Am I the only one who uses the "Dark - Red" color scheme for the Empire Minecraft website?
  13. Uhhh, not anymore :p
  14. Yay, thank you!
  15. I encourage you to help out the Dirt Vault by giving credit where it is due. This is not a requirement, but is something that you should do.
    Also, if you supply the Dirt Vault, be proud! People use dirt for many reasons, and all benefit from it.

    Remember that the Dirt Vault functions akin to a bank. You may deposit dirt into the Dirt Vault, and you may take some dirt as if on credit.
    If I am not being supplied with dirt, I cannot keep the Dirt Vault open because it would have no dirt. What is the point of going to the Dirt Vault, a place expected to have dirt, and finding none?

    Help your fellow citizens out!
    Support the Dirt Vault!

    camdenmil (he had the dirt from ShawnZup's NetherSphere Lot, which was lost)
    Am I forgetting someone? PM me! (Start a conversation with me.)
  16. lol epic. nuff said!
  17. This is nice for making parkour courses. I used it today and plan on using it a lot.
  18. Well, hopefully I will find a supplier. I plan on digging some of my residence too, to stock up on dirt!
  19. Supplier Found!
    Most of the first floor is refilled!
    Thanks, Importerer. And thanks, all who have not told me that they donated!