the diggout progect

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should i add a diving board with a piston elevator?

yes! 11 vote(s) 91.7%
no 1 vote(s) 8.3%
  1. guys, i am digging my res out i know other people have done this but the only 1 i know doesnt have water in it soo im making a massive pond and i need some diggers that will work for free stone shovels are provided! please come help on smp4 lot 8342 i really need help with this digg! when you dig alot you get iron shovels then you get diamond then you get enhcanted diamond!
  2. I would help, is friday good?
  3. any day is good
  4. 8342 is netdudex's res and hes not digging a pond?
  5. how will we get the shovels?
  6. I'll help right now :) do i need perms? or does everyone have build..?
  7. And dude it says all ur res's are on smp1...
  8. yes i decided to move to smp1 the res num is ill check back on that... and dude THAT IS SUCH A MESSED UP PICTURE!!!
  9. oh and i supplie diamond shovels
  10. Piston elevators dont work on EMC.
  11. i could make a piston staircase elevator would that work?
  12. lol i love the pic :) it expresses modern day pervs!
  13. piston elevators dont work go to 11456 thats mine but i took all the pistons out and redstone stuff the server lags too mush so you just lag in the piston
  14. its too bad:( anyone know of a fast elevator mabe with water and boats?
  15. i can help0p u with a minecraft elevator that doesnt lag