The Diamond Miners Revival [SMP8]

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  1. On March 22nd, 2012, I started 'The Diamond Miners'. We were a nice little community, made up of Creeper655, Djozane, Kells18, Damo20, Starpuncher and TheTruffleHunter.

    Then, one month later, I lost internet. This caused the group to fail to interact, and we never really took off. It was my first wild outpost; and now I want to revive it. I had plans for it to be something big, I want it to be big again.

    Once 1.5 arrives, if I have enough members, I will begin scouting a location for the outpost. I should find a nice spot after a day or two of searching. After that, I will invite you all to the co-ords.

    My goals for this outpost are:
    1) Have an underwater district.
    2) Have huge animal farms that people can freely take from.
    3) Have a big tree farm for wood to sell in town, to make buildings from, or to make tools with.
    4) Have a land district (will start out this way)
    5) To have a functioning group of intelligent and experienced members.
    6) Have a slightly-working Minecraft-style democracy. (Ideas require a vote etc.)

    And in memory of the old way of joining outposts, I present to you the old application form!
    How long have you been playing Minecraft (version name):
    How long have you been playing EMC:
    What space in the group are you applying for:
    Have been banned from EMC before (if so, tell me why):
    Screenshot of previous builds, if any:
  2. So many outposts on smp8....
  3. How far out is the outpost going to be? :)
  4. Maybe 5-8k blocks out.
  5. I'd suggest a nether path going 1-2k out. Just grab an Unb 3 Eff 4 Diamond pick or two, dig as high up in the nether as possible, then walk straight. You could also do this at the n/s/w/s outposts for further distance. It's much faster and safer. Just make sure to bring spare obsidian and flint to make a few more portals if you aren't happy with where you end up.