The Diamond Miners ~Donations~

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  1. Hey guys, welcome to another Diamond Miners thread. This time it is not about signing up, it's about...

    So anyways, you can donate to me by using the /rupees pay command to either me or Starpuncher. You will get a shoutout in the DM wilderness base on the wall of fame!
    The master donator will get a reserved space for Ambassador 2 if they want it.

    Here are the donator ranks:
    Iron Donator: 5-100r
    Gold Donator: 100-700r
    Diamond Donator: 700-1,000r
    Bedrock Donator: 1,000-1,500r
    Master Donator: 1,500-or above

    The money will be going towards locks.

    If you would like pictures of the base please say so in a reply below! :)

  2. ill give 2k rupees :)

    EDIT payed ;)
  3. Thanks :D