The Destruction of Momentus - A new members brief Story

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  1. So last night I was digging me up some cobblestone on /SMP7 /Waste SE - and in red letters plastered on the screen was "The Ground Shakes Nearby...". Well I have been learning a bit more about the Empire and custom mobs VIA the WiKi - So a friend and I set off too Kill Momentus. My friends name is Baconator36. It took us quite a few deaths to eventually slay the giant. But we did. Which apparently accounts for my lower "token" score:

    I decided based on the "tokens" one receives from hunting custom mobs it would be worth it to me in the end to do so, if nothing else... just a new adventure I have never taken in MineCraft. So I once again set off to /waste SE, where I have a mine staked out just off the path of the Waypoint. My in-game neighbor, Antimattermatt1, happened to be in the same area doing the same thing.... Since it was antimattermatt1 that showed me his mine in the first place, and gave me the idea to make a mine as efficient as he had, myself. Needless to say, "The Ground Shakes Nearby..." and this time I was pumped to re-engage in combat with the Colossal Zombie.

    Antimattermatt1 and I set off to the spawn point and slayed the Monster, rather well. We corralled him and his minions into some water. Next time i'm gonna take me a bucket of water. Anyhow based on only one death, my redundant mouse clicking with my sword, and my right-proper movement in extreme-hills, I seem to have done much better in the "token" score, this time around:

    Unfortunately I was a bit to busy with movement and combat to hit F2 for a screenshot. Soon to come though!

    Just wanted to share some of my fun adventure's in the wild!

    - Ridgebeam
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