The Dead Zone 2 [Forum RP]

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  1. (The original dead zone - made by fluffinator09 - died on August 31st with the last message submitted being 'Jon has nothing better to do... so he starts BREAKDANCING!'. It was there I knew the RPG was dead, and now the bumping red text is displayed)

    The year is 2028, and the previous survivors from 2024 banded together to make a cure. The cure was released upon the world in 2025, and only lasted a year before the world was, once again, released back to its primal instincts - without technology.

    Make your survivor, and control him as he fights back hordes of zombies, meets other people's survivors, and (if you let him) form groups with other players! Will you capture, and manage, a city? Or will you let your survivor continue his story as a lone wolf? It's up to you!

    1) No killing off other player's characters.
    2) You may craft weapons; but only approved ones. (Approved: Baseball bat with nails, rifles, snipers, pistols, and molotovs)
    3) If your group is beginning to have problems with another group, you MAY start a war. However, only I decide who wins after a certain amount of time, AND you need your WHOLE group's consent.
    4) Raiding other groups, leaving or stealing from your group, is allowed.

    Application (You take my details off and replace it with yours):
    Character's Name: Jack Brown
    Age: 28
    Previous Job (Go crazy): Soldier in the Military, Museum security guard while he wasn't serving.
    Family: Yes.
    Starting Weapons: Pistol, baseball bat & lighter
    Transport: Car
    Pet: Yes. Dog called Pepper.
    Starting City: Ciudad Juarez
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  2. Fixing the logos.
  3. OT
    Sounds like dead rising......
    I'll probably join soon
  4. Character's Name: nfell2009
    Age: 28
    Previous Job (Go crazy): Highly trained killing machine, and ninja
    Family: No
    Starting Weapons: Sword and ninja stars
    Transport: Can run fast (very fast) and jump really high
    Pet: Yes, a dog called Millie
  5. I actually just based that bit off Project Zomboid :p
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  6. Character's Name: Vincent
    Age: 25
    Previous Job : Marine (Major General)
    Family: No.
    Starting Weapons: Pistol, Dagger
    Transport: Beaten SUV
    Pet: German Shepherd, called Spencer
  7. Accepted.

    Jack wakes up on a couch in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, with his 1 year old daughter and wife. He checks out the window for zombies, and packs his bags, leaving outside to his car. Zombies are attracted to noise, so begins to drive slowly, out to the city's borders. He had been on holiday when the outbreak started, down in Acapulco, and his Dog, Pepper, was in a kennel in New Mexico.

    Apparently, the people at the dog kennel were still alive, and so was his dog.
  8. Character's Name: Alex Hallon.
    Age: 30.
    Previous Job (Go crazy): General in the Swedish Army, Expert Crafter.
    Family: They're all Zeds now.
    Starting Weapons: Minigun (If allowed, unless 2 .44 Magnum's.), Samurai Sword, Scorpion Knife, Lighter.
    Transport: A really fast motorcycle, with unlimited Fuel (if allowed :p)
    Pet: Dog called Steve.
  9. You should add city/place you want to start at:

    nfell (nfell2009 I will use nfell for short) is eating lunch of things he can steal from local supermarkets in London without being caught. nfell was lucky to be staying in a apartment and over slept on the day when Zombies attacked the and survived.
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  10. Vincent locked the doors and gates to his terrace in London, he was at the gym when the outbreak started and was lucky to reach home in time.
  11. Jack reaches the borders of New Mexico, and the car breaks down.
    "Damn-it" he mutters. If Charlotte woke up now and cried for food, hordes of zombies would rain down upon them, leaving no escape. Jack thinks about what to do, and realises he can't leave his wife and daughter in the car incase of bandits.
  12. Vincent searches for food, and found some canned food, "Darn... Just like in the army again... Food rations..." He muttered