The Daily Insta-Cash Shop Updates and Other Projects

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Are Endermites of 1.8 going to cause mass destruction

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  1. I N S T A- -C A S H
    The Insta-Cash Shop is coming soon to EMC @/v 6030 on SMP3
    Currently the move flag is off but the shop is almost done it includes:
    -Ember City Housing
    -The SHOP
    -Free Utility Room
    -The Horse Garage
    -The Auction room and bulk buying
    -Warp Room
    -And more

    Post any other ideas for the shop.

    I N S T A*K I L L
    INSTA*KILL is complete we'll basically supply you with a Nether-Star for only a low cost of 1000-7000 r (depending on your plan(s) Comming soon). If you're a REAL mob killer and get a bunch of wither skulls but don't wish to die once you try making a Wither, give them to us, you give the resources we kill the wither, you get the prize. Trust us for if we lie or don't supply you with the Star you get a 12000r refund within 6 days of our misplacement+ a free Ember City domain (EXEPTIONS MAY APPLY). NO LIES FROM YOU OR US, TRUST US FOR WE'RE THE PRO'S.

    P L A N S:
    Standard Kill I You give us the 3 Wither Skulls we kill the Wither and you get 1 Nether Star. Cost: 1000r

    Cobplan Standard I You give us the 3 Wither Skulls we kill the Wither and you get 1 Nether Star as well as 30 stacks of cobblestone. Cost 2500r

    Donation I You donate to us some Wither skulls, for every 3 skulls you donate you get 20 stacks of cobble (NO NETHER STAR). Cost 100r

    The Loll plan I We kill the Wither in a wild dessert and video it whilst doing fails and is very entertaining to watch (NETHER STAR NOT GUARANTEED). Cost 6000r

    THE MASTER-PLAN I We kill the Wither on DIFFICULTY 10 with a looting sword you keep ALL DROPS!!!. Cost 8000-10000r

    F Y I
    Post any ideas for INSTA*KILL or other future projects. Also any INSTA*KILL pre-orders to consider (may take a month before begun)

    To go one step further for an additional cost we'll create the beacon for you or give you the XP.
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  2. These corporations will be available to public by approximately Mid-June...

    Experimental prototypes are still being tested also 1.8 must come out to EMC in order foe Sky*Grid to be possible
  3. I like this +1
  4. Yeah sorry its taking SOOO long but Ill have full capacity soon... when the school year ends!, I need 1.8 to come out and I need DrewRadio to set up the TP @ /v 6002. I really gotta stock up