The Crown

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by cmbcody, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. I have decided i would like to start my own "council" this is not really anthing more than a group of people who we do events and meetings and just have plain fun. Some of the things we we might do are: spleef:) mine jobs and we will also work on our secrect base!!!What memberships are avalible (highest rank- lowest rank):
    } Enforcer(3)
    Ranks tooken:
    Crown: me, cmbcody
    Gems(2): broncoblake,devon2565
    conselor: Terr,leonmineking
    Secretary: thetruflehunter
  2. Could i join?
  3. You area conselor
  4. Okay tell me whenever i need to be somewhere or do something
  5. sure conselor
  6. can i join? i feel like i can since im sitting here in a suit... (check my page)
  7. sure sorry i was eating dinner
  8. can i join broncoblake is my cousin
  9. cool..... i might not be open for some things since im part of the Delta Team...