The creation station beta testing

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  1. It's almost ready!
    The creation station is almost ready for your creations. All you have to do is upload a picture of your favourite Empire Minecraft creation!
    Are there any rules?
    Yes, here is a full list of them:
    1) No rudeness
    2) Don't insult other players
    3) It has to be yours
    4) It has to be on an Empire Minecraft server
    5) Have fun!

    Why are you 'Beta' testing?
    I am Beta testing because I want to know the difficulty of uploading for other players, and I also want feedback and I would like to test out the weekly showcase.

    What can I log in with?
    You can log in with these:
    Windows Live ID

    Can I share the weekly showcase?
    Yes, you can! I am currently adding Google+ Support, but you can share it using Facebook or Twitter.

    What Are you waiting for? Go on over right now at SEE YA THERE!
  2. Ha, beat me! :/
    There's currently something called EMC Build being built by the wiki staff team with a similar objective. However, it's anonymous ratings only and custom coded (not just a Weebly forum). Not sure if I should continue with it now. :(

    Anyway, gratz on releasing this. :)
  3. You can make your own! ;) I've been talking about this for a while with Justinguy. And yes, I may be making an entirely new upload page, because I'm not happy with using weebly's talk.i forum. I might migrate over to forumotion.
  4. If you're interested we could join together? (this is how the wiki as we know it was made - before I became co-owner it was just a Wikia). If you are, send me a PM. :)

    My plan wasn't to use forum software though - it was to use a CMS such as Wordpress or Concrete5 and allow people to submit via that. After a moderator check then it would be moved over to the 'gallery' section.
  5. Hey guys! We've merged with the EMC wiki! You can read all about it on news page right now!
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  6. Welcome aboard :)
  7. Freaking awesome!
    ha ha, I want one of those as a t-shirt, I am gonna make one that says 'I dont exist yet, help me'
    This is funnier because the site is called 'creation station'
    creation station.png

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  8. I just had to do it... (check again)
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  9. Scary :eek:
    Not sure I want THAT kind of help.
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  10. Haha, it never originally looked like that :p It was just a basic weebly forum page, but now that I merged with the EMC wiki Jackbiggin moved it over to Joomla.
  11. Quick update for everyone:
    • Design - Basics done, needs colours sorting.
    • Res Submitting - Complete!
    • Showcasing/staring system - Main top 3 done, per server not quite done yet.
    • Community voting - not even started yet.
    • Comments - Working on it now.
  12. could you edit out your server advertisement in your signature as your not supposed to "use your profile for advertisement of other servers"?
  13. k. None of the mods have commented on that though.
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  14. Take a look at the homepage! Remember this website is still in alpha (or beta?) stages so looks may not be final.

    And now for the login page :p

    And because I felt like it, my tadpoles i'm rearing :p

  15. For a creation station, you managed to pick a block that means nothing but destruction...
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  16. Na, the TNT will go soon :)

    The design is finalised btw, I just need to recolour it. It's also 100% mobile device compatible.
  17. Ha, scroll down the first load of posts and you just see a flood of the EMC Wiki logo now! XD xatharon, you're an uploader aren't you? Want the signature so you can join the fun? :)
  18. Sure I've got a couple of pics I want to put in, It would also help to make a contest to get more people into it. I can donate 30k rupees and some items. Of course once the whole thing is up and running.
  19. You do realised you've had the rank the whole time yet you've never noticed right? It does say it nearish the bottom on the homepage :p There should be an option in the sidebar which says upload file for you. I'll get you the signature, wont be a min :)

    Also, I think I'm going to have to do a closed beta, just to check it all works. You feel up for it?
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  20. Ha ha I've been so busy trying to figure out ways to make the pages better that I never noticed. I have some trivia ready and some other stuff I've been doing off line I will incorporate some tonight
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