The crazy charecter random letter thingy

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  1. I have found a awesome character it is this § put this in and then k with no spaces it enables rando-text
    '§k this is how it is done' would do a rando-script and it would then start talking gibberish don't remove this feature everyone needs to know how
  2. oh and it's rather annoying when some idiots don't under stand ANYTHING you tell 'em so if you could can ya do a sorta "i.q" test cause there are about 2 people who never say anything because they have no idea what how to play minecraft if you guys could make sure new players or "citizens" have been playing fa more than atleast a week then i would be happy :)
    cause i love being happy cause nobody likes it when i get angry......
  3. 1) This server is open to EVERYONE. There's no limit to someone's abilities on here. EMC ranges from Redstone Geniuses to Tree Punchers. Thats what makes this server such a fantastic community. Everyone has something in common with someone! Calling them idiots is rude and unacceptable here at EMC.

    2) If you dislike people, use the /ignore [name] tool. It CAN come in handy.

    3) The command is actually "&K".
  4. i know............. wat the command is i was describing it genius! and i am sorry about what i said about other people.........
  5. You actually put § not &k and there was no need for the sarcasm
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