The craziest dungeon I have ever seen

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  1. Lookee what I found while mining obsidian. This is the most crazy-messed-up-dungeon I have ever come across. I knocked those blocks on the left out to get inside, but the rest of it is all Notch :D
  2. Um... Makes a good xp "generator"
  3. With the new iron and tool drops, a zombie spawner is definitely on my list of things to acquire after the reset. I've just never come across a dungeon that was so torn up with water and lava both flowing in it before. I'd say it had been griefed up, but I just generated this chunk today, and it's pretty far out in the wilderness.
  4. probably a generation glitch because its an old world. does look like a half buit top for a zombie grinder though
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  5. Looks like the dungeon itself tried to grief the xp generator!

    If the zombies get killed by lava, would you still get xp?
  6. hehe, I built a zombie spawner xp grinder thingy in a new jungle biome to practice my grinder building skills, and I have so many iron helms it's not funny.

    I've seen a few flooded ones, even found an "exposed" one at the bottom of the ocean, but they've always had an intact floor with the mossy cobble.
  7. No, you have to personally kill them or throwing splash potions at them.
  8. what skins do you use? I really like it!
  9. If you mean my texture pack, it's Misa's 410. If you mean my actual skin, I have no idea. I've had that skin forever, and I don't remember where it came from :D
  10. Your mother and father perhaps?
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  11. I will post a "sunken" dungeon later today with seed and coordinates for SSP. I really liked it. :)
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  12. That's cool... but weird. lol
    That's also my texture pack
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  13. Found it in 1.7.3, Uploaded it to the Wiki so others could see.
  14. That is crazy-cool :)
  15. margaritte thanks for the chicken BBQ tutorial video. I built the chicken roaster on my residence but I just made it a little bit my. Way
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  16. Random, but I'm glad you liked ! I spent days and days watching tutorials about different animal cooking devices, and that one was the best idea I found, so I took their concept and did it my way too :D
  17. Here is the "sunken Skeleton Dungeon" I found in SSP. :)

    Ok so the seed is in the upper-left corner. it is 3092379875683731328

    The coordinates are +556.31, -277.14 63.52 (62) :)

    As you can see in the minimap, I am in the middle of a small river. :) I stumbled upon this on my own SSP world accidentally while hunting down clay in the surrounding area. On the minimap it shows as a dark blue bar in the water. It was very odd, so I investigated and found this. :)

    The mod I have that you see here in my screenshot is InGame Info. I will be releasing this for public use soon and I will include the entire layout for tags, and I will even include my own config file if you would like to use it.
    More will be done on this particular mod, because it is insanely customizeable and super useful! :)
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  18. thats SICK^^
  19. this ones mine as you can see one has a double chest! :) 2012-03-21_04.28.22.png 2012-03-21_04.26.49.png