The Contest of EMC member skills!

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  1. I am hosting a small contest here,
    You will have to Guess which member the personality i describe is.
    Example : Has all powers and is super admin; = justinguy :p
    So the prize is 2 diamonds :)
    this is info

    This Player is friendly, And funny. has made a mansion, and is a close friend of mine. He is currently working on a pagoda on his lot on smp1. He is a supporter. He enjoys SPicy rice, and is a legit bannane all the way. thankyou very much, to guess just post here. :D HAve fun!
    EDIT: Will make more of these contests so if you miss out dont worry :D
  2. S_R_L_B
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  3. ... darn it.
    Ok zslum in the chest on my lot i will put dimaond in okay
  4. Too good
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  5. S-picey R-ice L-egit B-annane, is that the true meaning of his name?
  6. Oh dear lord. A thread. For me?
    Umm. Umm. No?
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