The Contest of Casinos

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  1. Ever wanted to have a giant casino? Well some people in the Empire do! What time is it? It's time for another Contest! This time it's for casinos! So submit your awesome casinos in private chat to me! Have a theme you are basing it on so you can get a higher mark! All you need to do is state:

    In Game Name:
    Casino Name:
    Your theme you are basing your casino on:

    Then your casino will be entered and judges will be judging the casinos!
    There are 4 categories
    How well your casino looks (out of 10)
    How well your casino name is (out of 10)
    How well your casino runs (out of 10)
    How well your casino is to your theme (out of 10)

    There will be 4 round of marking! So it might take a while.... D: but there are very good prizes :D Please donate to help add more to the prizes!

    Prizes (this is for ALL server combined!)
    1st: 20,000r
    2nd: 15,000r
    3rd 10,000r
    4th 5,000r
    5th 2,500r

    There will also be category prizes so the highest points in each category

    Category Prizes
    Looks: 800r
    Name: 500r
    Runs/Accessibility: 750r
    Theme: 1,000r

    Judges: Judges have been notified! Please confirm with me in private chat if you are still available!

    The dates have not yet been decided due to the amount of people who don't actually have/own a casino! A due date will be available soon when there is enough people!

    In Game Name: Bobaek
    Server: smp3

    In Game Name:Blupoiz0n

    In Game Name: xI_LIKE_A_PIGx
    Server: SMP7


    In game name: zzbell
    Server: smp3


    In-game name: lehmaqr
    Server: smp7

    EDIT Since there are more then 5 people now. The deadline is May the 10th 2012! Hurry up and enter! :D AND WE NEED DONATIONS! :D to have the prizes become higher :D

  2. i gotta build one when is it over
  3. I will build a casino soon, but i don't think as soon as I can participate.
  4. Isn't gambling illegal on emc?
  5. Nope, casinos are not illegal
    I talked to a moderator about 2 months ago, and there's just certain rules when running one. You must tell the odds of winning, no cheating, must tell if it is not a guaranteed win, etc...
  6. Yeah, you need to have a sign obviously stating the rules and odds of the game. Also, can we nominate others' creations?
  7. note to self..... never delete my res with a huge vegas-like casino
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  8. When is the End of the entries????/
    please give me a date!!!
  9. what is ur res #?
  10. Lol no one has a casino :D
  11. Do you need a judge?
  12. They do, it says to pm slyfox1019
  13. Gr8 idea guys.
  14. It was 11078 but I deleted it. Oh ya here is this:

    Gambler's Corner
    Basing it on a typical VEGAS casino! :D

    Edit: I changed it is that alright?
    If i can thanks. I feel like i have a higher probability on this one. :)
  15. note to self: convert my upper sky residence to a solid gold casino :D
  16. I wonder if the Posei-den casino is still around....
  17. Im the only one with a casino and there is no end so... i win right?? lol XD
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  18. Yep seems that way ;)
  19. does eejester still have his casino? and be careful xdjzz's casino on smp2 4222 is still being made check it out
  20. not anymore and you have to have the right signs and words and stuff :D