The Construction on the New Smp9 Mega Mall Diary

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  1. Dear Empire

    This Is the Diary of the New Construction of my new Mall on Smp9.

    Sadly My one on 15000 got derelict then claimed by someone else :( but it doesn't matter now as i am building one on my res on 18028 Res. The Res Number is hard to remember but i get used to it in the end. I have added a tag of /v +KJHmall so it is a lot easier to shop there. It would take a while to make but donating is always nice. I am getting my materials for the mall and building it from scratch. B4DMAN5IMON has cut all my dirt out so it is even bigger that ever before. Once this Mall is done it will give everyone an amazing experience. I am using a diary to show you my progress on the mall and I would love comments on the mall as I build it thanks.

    Day 1 I have made the Floor so far for my Spawn place hope you enjoy here is a Picture 2015-02-14_16.29.21.png
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  2. Day 2 I have started doing the wall off the mall and started doing the TP Spot. 2015-02-14_19.54.58.png 2015-02-14_19.55.01.png Day 3 I have made Huge Progress I made my walls builing my tp done a promo shop (not quite in stock yet) you can go there anytime you. I have also places water around the side to look unique :). I am starting the Floor now so Mall Always Finish :)

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  3. Can't wait for SMP9 to have a new shop!
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