The Companions

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  1. We Are The Companions.

    What is the companions you ask?

    The Companions Is A Group Of members who build, create, fight pretty much do everything together.

    Who is in the Companions?

    Well. We Just Started But Are willing to accept more people.
    High King, S_R_L_B
    President, underage_minor
    Vice President, Mrsmiley99.
    We Would Love More People To join.

    Do you have meeting or a Clubhouse?

    The Clubhouse is located at 1178 on smp1 at the back of the lot. There will be a waiting area and a meeting room. Everybody who is in the Companions Will get there owns seat likely.

    If you want to join the Companions Please Contact me. We hope that the Companions will be well known
    Thank You,
  2. If Underage_Minor or S_R_L_B is not on, Please talk to Me. :D I Can help you. :D
  3. Skyrim reference?
  4. I see you know good games. :D
    But this group is about helping others and working together.
    Hopefully soon we have a couple members and some meetings. When more people join the more fun it is!
  5. I believe so TheShadowzz. Would you like to join the Companions? It is a great Clan. :D