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  1. Hello family of EMC! I'm proud with myself that i found this server and lately got more interested in it than ever, my new name is STG, this forum name is the name i changed from.. I will be choosing what server to get a plot on and maybe even a gold rank for some time. Lets get this going, my real name is Martin, and my second name is Davis, tough i get called Martin alot more then my other name. I am now 15 years old and will turn 16 in November, 9th. (Sweet 16 Hype Activated). I am a Empire Veteran, that means ive been on EMC for more than 2 years or so. To add on: Im more of a cat person than a dog one, even tough i have both a cat and a dog, plus even a hamster! I hope to meet some of the famous people in game that i have heard of, happy Minecrafting! - STG
  2. Nice to meet ya Martin :)

    *cough* choose smp4 *cough*
  3. Welcome back to EMC!
    *cough* Don't listen to him, smp9 > every other smp. *cough*
  4. Well, soory guys, SMP1 Master Race took me with Cake And Cookies, plus they said il get milk if i will be friendly :3
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  5. fair enough, i can forgive xD

    I play on there more than smp4 anyways lol
  6. Welcome back, hope to see you around smp3:)
  7. Welcome back Martin, great to see people returning to the fold. :)
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