The Cobble house's Nether room is now done!

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  1. Since I had only one room left, I decided to go back to work on the Nether room. It has two beds, two crafting tables, two furnaces, a double chest, and a lava hot tub! I will get some snapshots soon but if you want to see it now, its on SMP3, 7291, on the lowest level. Like each room, it comes with a gift, but the gift in the Nether room is a little more expensive! The cost to buy the Nether room is 200R, to rent it is 50R. The room cost me almost NOTHING to make, the glowstone I found when I was coming back from the nether, the nether brick I found when I went though a portal, and the netherrack, its on the ground. If you would like to buy/rent the room, please PM me.