The Cobble House.

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  1. The Cobble House. SMP3 7291

    Hello their! I am Mrlegitislegit, owner of The Cobble House. The Cobble house are condominiums located on SMP3, lot 7291. The Cobble house is mostly made out of cobble for the most part.

    Front on The Cobble House.

    The Lobby

    The room fares are 150R to buy the room, and 50R to rent it. If you do not want to pay this, we have one cheap room. 100R to buy, 50R to rent.

    Main room. (Other rooms look the same.)

    Cheap room.

    For another 50R, you can get advanced membership. Advanced membership comes with,
    1. One free mushroom stew a real day.
    2. Your name in yellow on the access sign.
    3. More stuff to come.

    Advanced membership is recommended only if you buy the room, but you can still buy it even if your just renting.

    Every room comes with a bed, a crafting table, a stove, and a chest. If you have something you would like in the room, give it to me and I will place it.

    *Note* ANYTHING left from your visit will become The Cobble House's property but you can buy it back.

    Services: Food service: 5R per order. You can order melon slices, meat, or mushroom stew.
    More to come

    Privacy: If you would like your privacy in your room, just ask.

    Guests: You can have friends over in your condo but if they are going to stay over night, they can not bug any other guest. If they do, they will be asked to leave.

    Well that's all and I hope to see you soon!
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  2. First buyer of a main room gets it for only 100R!
  3. I have one job opening, Bellhop.

    What you do? Show others to their rooms. Since this is a VERY easy job, pay is 10R a real day.
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  5. Sorry to keep bumping but It seems the post wont extend anymore.

    I am now working on a game room and also have a job opening.

    The job is a bellhop. You how others to their rooms and also try to get people to stay with us. The pay is 10R at the start but you can get a raise.