The Claiming Shovel/Grief Prevention

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  1. Well on this server the one thing that bugs me about the plots is that, there so flat and boring and sure you can create all you want on here and make beautiful builds, but only with a flat layout. For me, I like building into mountains or having natural looking builds. If I feel this way, there has to be people out there like this. This leads to something called..

    The Claiming Shovel

    Questions/Statements you might have:
    How this works (In a nutshell): Basically you get a certain amount of claiming blocks by say either, your play time, you can buy extra, or a way to buy some from players. You right click a corner of a area you want to claim as your own. Then go to opposite corner In the area and right click it. Then poof, you have a square area that is only yours and only you can build in it.

    Why would this help?: Like I said in the first paragraph, this would lead to people being able to build in the wilderness/frontier without people griefing the builds. I would like to start a big community in the Frontier, but I am worried about other players who are unwelcomed.

    Leave feedback below!
  2. This should not exist for a reason;

    What if some new player goes out to the wilderness and be like "Hey. I'm gonna claim a whole ravine because i wanna troll people. Another guy goes and claims a chunk chalk full of useful trees and mines and land area etc... This cycle would go on until you couldn't build on the waste because some guy claimed all of it.
  3. So, wait, is this an outpost?
  4. If you are a new player, you simply would not have enough claiming blocks to do so.

    And then only make it for the Frontier not the Wilderness.
  5. Land claiming is already planned. From what I've read, you will be able to claim land at the cost of tokens.
  6. This has already been suggested here.
  7. Isn't the frontier and the wilderness the same thing?
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