The Children Who Run The UK

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  1. I thought I'd make this thread just to show you what happens in the Houses of Parliament to those people who don't know already: the place where our country's future is decided is a place of 'mad banter', name-calling by the Conservatives, and unfairness. Some Conservative MP could have called Dennis Skinner 'Dodgy Dennis', and the Conservatives would have laughed at it and there would be no kicking out involved. The same thing happens over important issues - David Cameron smears the question with some crappy joke only posh, rich Eton-educated scumbags can find something humorous within before hurling insults at the opposition leader - who have the respect to not respond to but let themselves get smacked around in court. Here we have a pretty solid MP and actual human being getting kicked out of the PMQs just because he did something the Tories have done dozens of times.

    And people wonder why there's violent protesting against our current government happening in London at the moment, and there has been pretty much every week since the May 2015 election (from the Conservatives going over the legal limit for campaign funding in two elections this past year, to fabricating evidence and running the NHS into debt), as well as a petition that will be debated in Parliament to have another general election, and Labour now in the lead against the Tories :rolleyes:

    Point is it's a pantomime in there and I just wanted to show off something that aggravates me and show you that one of the most powerful countries in the world has children running it - I don't think even the US comes this close. And hey, just be glad your country's leader doesn't look like a frigging sausage.

    Here's some more 'mad bantz' by David Cameron for your cringe pleasure:
  2. My god, it's like Lord of the Flies in there.
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  3. Yes, it's absurd. But, you do have Monty Python's. So it's not all bad.
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