The Cheese Knights [SMP1 group]

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  1. Welcome to the CHEESE KNIGHTS!
    we are a group of people who are determined to win any fight that stands against us. this may include the wild, nether and end.

    If you want to join., fill out this form:

    How long have you played minecraft? :
    What is your skin? :
    How old are you? :
    What difficulty do you normally play on? :
    What position do you want to be in? :
    And why? :
    Are you good at hiding things like chests/bases/yourself/farms? :
    How long have you been playing on EMC for? :


    Owner: One_Man_Cheese
    Co-Owner: Wipple4
    The Epic (You can only rank up to this): [EMPTY]
    Main Farmer: [EMPTY]
    Main Miner: [EMPTY]
    Main Builder: [EMPTY]
    Main Hunter: [EMPTY]
    Farming Apprentice (if main farmer is taken): [EMPTY]
    Miner Apprentice: [EMPTY]
    Builder Apprentice: [EMPTY]
    Hunter Apprentice: [EMPTY]
    Organizer (Organize events) : [EMPTY]
    Tree-Man (Collect wood & saplings): [EMPTY]
    Tree-Boy: [EMPTY]
    Fisherman (Collect fish): [EMPTY]
    Knave (if all hunter positions are gone): [EMPTY]
    Coal-Boy: [EMPTY]
    Block-Placer: [EMPTY]
    Sowing-Boy: [EMPTY]

    I hope some of you may join, and i have put as many roles as i can think of!

    Our main House/Castle/Thing is located on SMP1 @ 627, just walk forward.
  2. 1.5 Years
    Co - Owner
    Because I am your friend
    I am epic at hiding stuff and i have been on EMC 2 Months
  3. Welcome to the cheese knights, co-owner :)