The Cats Are Back *meow*

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by DDRTrickmasta385, Nov 5, 2015.

  1. Okay Folks! as of Today, The Crescent Cats are back! this little retreat in the frontier is back open for members! whether you sign in into these forums and see these threads, or you may become members by the CC's new "forums selecter" in which we specially select people for their skills, and sometimes at Random, we are looking for more people already! the more the merrier! we now have 14 people as of today! Whether you have a passion for combat, or you like building, this guild is interested in anyone that can liven up our empire! recently we gained a whole approx. 768 square blocks worth of new territory, meaning we have the ability to gain new members! we live in the Wild Frontier of smp7, and we are purrfectly okay with the concept of you living in town on other smp's but living and being a part of this guild as well. so, if you are interrrested in being a part of this guild, look for myself, Sedonah_Avalon, one of our clan leaders, or our veteran players: Swimmy101, Thebassman22, Baseball620, Tehya2002, or Miss_peevle, they will gladly help you!

    Yours Truly,