The Camp Thread! (What summer camp do you go to?)

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  1. Hey everyone, I created this thread because I was just trying to see the variety of camps that people go to and what they are called and if there are any near me that sound interesting. So if you go to a summer camp you can post which camp it is, where it is, and what it is about in the comments!

    For me I go to a camp called YMCA Camp Coniston and it's in NH USA (NH stands for New Hampshire for people who didn't know that). It's just an all around camp meaning there are a bunch of different activities you do varying from archery to arts and crafts.

    So tell me, what summer camp do you go to?
  2. Camp Ozark in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, US. Best summer camp ever. Tons of things to do. It also focuses heavily on Christianity, though, so it's not a camp for everyone.
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  3. Sounds like my kind of camp :)
    YMCA camp (thats the location... I go with my church group.)
  4. Summer camps seem to be big in america, not so big in the UK, tbh I don't even know one that exists in my area anyways.
  5. I have been to several camps. :) I am a boy scout so I must get all my Merits :p
    Anyways, where I live (bay area) I have been to YMCA Camp Campbell and I have been to BSAC Wente, and Royaneh. :p Here is a link to Camp Royaneh's website :p

  6. Oh, to dream...
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  7. i went to upland bird hunting camp one time
  8. lol. So sad but, true. #storyofmywait a minute...
    Something else....
  9. Its not that I can't go to Summercamps, its just that I don't want to, mostly as more camps near me are heavily religious, and that I REALLY don't like sleeping anywhere than at home, or at least a place I've been at a lot.
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  10. I USE to go to a Summer Bible Camp.. but that was yeaaaars ago.
  11. I have only ever been to a summer camp once and it was Girl Scouts. We went and spent a week/weekend there and basically my troop consisted of me, my friend and her aunt our troop leader. Her aunt wasn't a big on being active so we got stuck wandering around/sitting at the cabin eating pringles and juice all day. :I