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  1. Although I hate to dwell on the past, I think it's important that this is said. ICC did touch on this, but I feel that it's important to extend on the issue.

    Some of may have downloaded a Windows EMC themepack from roblikescake. This themepack was actually a virus, designed so that he was able to hack your Minecraft account and use it to further break the rules. Today, after receiving a PM asking for advice, it dawned on me that some of our younger/less tech savvy players may not know what steps to take to prevent them being affected and, if you did download the themepack (or you think you may have downloaded something else a bit dogey), how to fix the problems that come attached.

    Getting an Antivirus

    I advise this in general, but if you think you may have been infected, get yourself a antivirus program. There are plenty of free ones, and they will allow you to identify if you have got any virus', and if you do, they allow you to remove them. They are generally easy to install, and I've linked to some free downloads below. Bare in mind that not all antivirus programs detect all virus', and some can detect false positives. Because of this, I recommend using multiple.

    Once you have an antivirus program, you need to click a button that says something along the lines of "full system scan" or "scan your computer"; sometimes it can simply be "scan". Hit that button, follow the instructions on screen then let it scan. If you have got a virus, the program will ask you if you wish to remove it. Of course, the answer to that is yes, so choose that.

    Click here to download Avast! Free Antivirus
    Click here to download AVG Free Edition <== Recommended for this situation, there's a possibility that Avast! doesn't pick up the themepack virus. - Credit to SoulPunisher
    (Please get permission from the owner of the computer before installing any programs, they might get a bit annoyed if you don't...)

    Please note however, that many computers already have an antivirus program. Have a look for something called Norton 360, Kaspersky Lab or McAfee before installing yet another antivirus, there's a chance you can just open that. - Credit to SparerToaster.

    Changing Your Passwords

    While I recommend changing every single password you have if you find yourself to have a virus, this guide is about EMC and Minecraft. Now, there are 2 passwords here; your one and your one.

    Click here to change your EMC password
    Click here to change your password using their password reset tool

    Make sure you use a secure password, eg: contains a mix of CAPITAL and lowercase letters, numb3rs, $ymbols, and if you're feeling really exotic, foreign letters such as áúí. Also, don't just make minor adjustments to your old password, create a completely new one. Don't use your name, the word password (or similar), dictionary words or anything else that's obvious in your password. Contrary to some people's beliefs, your birthday is not secure...

    Click here to see how secure your password is - credit to SparerToaster. Remember, this site can only estimate using what it knows, so use common sense too.

    Prevention is better than cure

    Although it might sound obvious, some people don't realise some of these things. Never download random things off the internet, especially .exe files and similar. Always have an up to date antivirus, so make sure you keep updating it's definitions. If you have been asked by Rob, one of his many alts, or someone else to download a file that you believe is malicious, PM IcecreamCow wish evidence such as screenshots - it's important that it's known so if an issue has occurred, it can be fixed.
  2. I wouldnt think that Rob would do that.....but people change.
  3. Thanks Jack! This is can be very helpful for some people

    What exactly does this mean?
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  4. Rob was infecting people with a DayZ mod installation, I can vouch for that.

    And is foodenator roblikescake? :confused:
  5. Call it me being half asleep. >.< It should have read "after receiving a PM". Fix'd. :)
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  6. Yes.
  7. Also, before you download an antivirus, see if you have on already. Norton 360, Kaspersky Lab, and McAfee are common antivirus software, and were probably bought along with your computer.
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  8. I was infected. I downloaded the stupid dodgy theme pack, and it broke my computer even though I did have an anti-virus (Avast! somehow failed me). Luckily I haven't been hacked, just my PC froze whenever I opened the start menu, or any other application for that matter.
  9. I didnt know that :)
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  11. I guess my steam will never be hacked..
    Or if someone wanna spend:
    377 billion years
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  12. I just realized that wouldn't be very effective testing against a keylogger. Also, that's how long it would take for a COMPUTER. Also, I made one that would beat yours.
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  13. 168char? Is that a password or did you just slam your keyboard?
  14. I think I typed: You know, the problem with password is that they have a limit. Also, the longer your password is, the harder it is to remember it. Besides, if you forget one single letter, then you have to type it again.

    I'm not sure if that's it in full, also there were no spaces.
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  15. Ohhhhh yeah!
    4 octovigintillion years
    Beat that with normal password!
  16. I spent ages trying to get that site to say "over 9000 years". I failed. :'(
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  17. If your password is over a year, your safe.
  18. I can back him up on this :)
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