Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by SwordLord, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Ok, so my last two events have been failures. One didn't happen, and the other was pretty dismal. But finally, i've got something fun. December 19th, EMC will see the biggest player made creation ever. We are going to build THE FORTRESS OF SMP ONE. Grab a stack (or two) of stone bricks and come on down! This first session, we will be building the fortress docks. The time is from 5:00 to around 5:30, depending on my schedule, But don't worry! I'll be scheduling longer sessions later that week! See you there!
  2. Heya SwordLord I would give more info on the event and have it put on the events calendar, that way most likely more people will show up. Be as specific as possible: what exactly you are planning to build, what time it starts, how long it will last (if there is an ending time) etc. My home is on smp1 so I would love to come! :)
  3. I see what you mean. It's sort of like FNM where people build a town, but instead everyone builds a small part of a fortress. Sounds fun!